Meet Angela Pecorino Etheridge


Business: True Love

Angela Pecorino Etheridge grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Her youth was active with sports, band, socializing, and... business. Angela considers herself blessed to have been introduced to business at a young age. She spent nearly ten years working in her family’s pharmacy and gift store. While in high school, she also gained clothing and restaurant experience. 

After graduating from LaGrange High School, Angela moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, where she earned a Business Degree from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During her senior year, Angela became a founding partner of a restaurant. She was eventually drawn to the hotel industry and broadened her hospitality experiences to include front desk, reservations, catering, administration, and corporate sales.  


Career: Full Speed Ahead

Angela's career elevated when she was recruited by a regional television advertising firm. The company provided exceptional training that focused on multiple types of advertising. Angela soon climbed to the top of the sales chart, broke company records and excelled in television production, from scripting and casting to directing. 

Entertainment and special events became a focus when Angela was named events director of an exclusive social club. During this time, she was instrumental in the development and marketing of the entertainment division that promoted touring, off-Broadway productions and world-renowned entertainment, e.g. David Copperfield, Ray Charles, Cats the Musical, Bolshoi Ballet Company, Evita.   

Angela hit the ground running as advertising and public relations director for a multi-line, multi-city auto dealership. She was responsible for the strategy and execution of all advertising and promotions for sales and service, copywriter and on-air talent for radio and television commercials, special events coordinator and director of community, corporate and media relations.


Full Circle: Opportunity Knocks

From businesses to nonprofits, Angela is known as the ‘go-to, get-it-done’ person. Her vast experience and skills span from marketing and events, both B2B and B2C, corporate and community relations, project management, media relations, and more. 

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Business is truly a love of a lifetime for Angela.